Our salon is now offering online giftcard purchasing. Once you are complete with the checkout, you will receive a separate email with e-giftcard. E-giftcard can be redeemed by printing out or showing on mobile devices.

Bali Nails - all event giftcard theme

Bali 201

Bali Nails - Christmas giftcard theme

Bali 202

Bali Nails - giftcard theme to fit any type of event

Bali 203

Bali Nails - valentine giftcard theme

Bali 204

Bali Nails - winter giftcard theme

Bali 205

Bali Nails - summer giftcard theme

Bali 206

Bali Nails - special event giftcard theme

Bali 207

Bali Nails - special flowers giftca theme

Bali 208

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